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Our goal as a local business helping our community and how you can participate

As a local business we remain focused on our community by providing food and supplies for local schools, participating in local charity events, and supporting local organizations that focus on helping others.  The best way we can continue this mission is with the help of the community.  By supporting us through opportunities to present you our product, you are helping us spend our advertising dollars differently.    We can stop spending time and money on old outdated methods such as internet advertisements and Facebook ads.  You know the ones.  The annoying calls and surprise list everyone ends up on that interrupt our lives on a daily basis.  Instead, we can do something positive in our community with our time and money.  All we ask in return is an opportunity to speak with you on your terms.  We know that not everyone we speak with will purchase from us but, if given the opportunity, there is a good chance we can help you.  By reaching out to us, you help us save marketing dollars we would have spent finding you and allow us to divert those funds towards positive programs in the community.   Some programs we currently support are listed below. 

Chain of Lakes Rotary 
​Member and sponsor

Sotastick Classic
​Participant and sponsor

​Board Member

​Sponsor, volunteer, board member

Ruff Start Rescue
Rescue pet owner and support

Various supplies for schools to help students succeed